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The beauty of Eating Disorders.
I have been bulimic now for about 7 years, and this disease is killing me from the inside and on the outside. I’ve purged up blood before, but never as much as I experienced today. The amount of blood actually shocked me. I have almost no hair left, and the hair which I still have has thinned out. My teeth are all rotten. I can’t drink cold drinks. I can’t drink hot drinks. I can’t eat hard, crunchy things. My jaw will be getting surgery soon. My stomach hurts every time I attempt to keep food down. And not to mention my digestive system is completely fucked. 
So you want perfection? You want all the boys to want you? You want to be beautiful? You’re not going to get that. This is what you’ll get. You’re further and further away from perfection each second. No boy wants you because you always smell like puke, blood, and you actually fear even being close to anyone. You become worthless.Beautiful? No. You become an ugly, horrible monster. Scars, bruises. You can’t go on dates. Refuse to go out with friends. You isolate yourself from everything and everyone. Still not convinced? Do you still want this?I’m giving mine out for free. 
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NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America  …in just 34 years.

We are killing the Earth

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How long are we going to keep closing our eyes to this? What are we going to do?